Melville and Black Lives Matter, Modern Language Association


I presented at the Annual Meeting of the Modern Language Association in Philadelphia at the beginning of this year.  My paper, entitled: “‘Sinister Eye’: The Shrouded Women of Melville’s Benito Cereno” was included as part of the “Melville and Black Lives Matter” panel sponsored by The Melville Society.  You can read a full description of the panel and the abstracts of my tremendous co-panelists here.


Olive Oatman, American Studies Association


I had the pleasure of presenting a paper on Olive Oatman at the recent Annual Meeting of the American Studies Association.  Joined by powerhouses, Erin Gray (UCSC) and Carina del valle Schorske (Columbia), the paper was part of a panel entitled, “Women in Circulation: Body, Image, and Text in Transit” which explored the relationship of race and photography to the public lives of women in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  Many thanks to our pro respondent, Carlo Rotella (Boston College)!